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The Kingdom Belongs To Little Children
Now available in both a printed book and a Kindle format.

There is much focus on the Kingdom of God in church culture and rightly so. But who does God consider the greatest in His Kingdom? Who did Jesus say the Kingdom belongs to? Who does the Father delight to reveal it to? If you answered, 'little children', you would be right.

In this new book, Barry shares how the Father's love has freed him from a life long pursuit of performance based Christianity. Now he enjoys a simpler, fuller life as a much loved little boy with a BIG Dad. He has discovered that the pathway to true greatness is reserved for those who are happy to change and become like little children again. For it was only when he gave himself permission to 'grow down' that he was able to comprehend just how big his Father's Kingdom really is.

The Kingdom Belongs To Little Children - Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

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Amazon Book Reviews

This book is amazing- I encourage you to read it, and take it into your heart. I have been so blessed by Barry's ministry and his heart towards helping people to understand how much God loves them. This is excellent and I highly recommend. 5 stars+
Jason - USA

Barry Adams takes you on a journey into childlikeness that flows out of an continuous encounter with Gods fathering love. Barry helps us in his book to connect with God as our loving father, leading us to a place of dependency and trust that will ultimately bring us into true Christlikeness and son-ship. Barry helps to look beyond an intellectual understanding of the gospel and the kingdom of God leading us right into an experience of Gods fathering love and childlikeness that will unlock the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth in an unprecedented way! Buy it - read it - experience His love and then give it away!
Stephan - Germany

An excellent book. Barry opens his heart and his life to us so we can begin to see how to live in the truth of Jesus' words that the Kingdom of Heaven is hidden from the wise and learned and revealed to those with a childlike heart. This book's simplicity is its power. A must read and an easy read. Highly recommended.
Mark - UK

This excellent book by Barry Adams brings a refreshing reminder of just how much we are loved. I enjoyed reading of Barry's struggles and joys of his journey as he shares from his heart about becoming a child again and knowing how much he is loved by Papa.
Patricia - UK


Father's Love Letter
is a series of paraphrased Scriptures that take on the form of a love letter from God and will impact your heart, soul and spirit. Experience the love you have been looking for all your life.

This gift book contains beautiful full-color photographs and fifty-seven powerful devotional thoughts. A prayer that will help you put into words your response to God follows each devotional thought. This edition also includes an 8 1/2" by 11" Father's Love Letter poster. Click here for more information

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