Daily Reading Blogs

Below you will find  inspirational videos that are intended to draw you closer to our Heavenly Father's heart. We pray that they will encourage you and remind you that God loves you and He really is the Father you have been looking for all your life!

An Epic Invitation
This short 70 second video simply shares the Good News and an invitation to come home to the love that we have been looking for all our lives. It can be embedded on websites or shared on social media.

God Loves You Video Series
We have recently created a series of 'God Loves You' videos that can be shared on social media and websites to simply let people know how much they are loved by their Heavenly Father. You can view all 32 of these videos at


Father Loves You
We have just produced an HD version of the Father Loves You song co-written by Barry Adams and Robert Critchley. Special thanks to Robert Critchley for producing and performing this track. Feel free to embed it on websites or share in church services.

Come home to your Father
Home is what we all long for. It is embedded in the fabric of every human heart. I am so thankful that Jesus promised to be the way home to His Heavenly Father's heart. We produced this short video as an invitation to come home in preparation for Easter 2017. Please feel free to share this video at church services or on websites. Our prayer is that many people will experience a homecoming to the love that they have been looking for all their lives.

2017 Father's Love Letter
We are pleased to release this brand new version of the much loved Father's Love Letter narration video for 2017. The focus of this new version is to simplify both the music and the visuals so that the amazing narration of Roy Lamont can shine through!

We still love the old faithful versions of the Father's Love Letter that have been experienced by millions of people around the world but we are hoping that this new version will create a special atmosphere of intimacy and tenderness for each viewer.

Our prayer is that in the midst of all the noise of everyday life, every heart will be able to hear their Father's invitation to come home more clearly than ever before!

Watch The Extended Soaking Video Version
We also have an extended 17 minute soaking version of this video that includes much loved Scripture passages that play at the end of the new Father's Love Letter video. You can watch or download it here.

We have also created an Extended Instrumental Soaking Version that can be watched or downloaded here.

2014 Father's Love Letter Outreach Version
Earlier this year, we created a special outreach version of the much loved Father's Love Letter video. Special thanks to Roy Lamont for an amazing narration and Robert Critchley for the soundtrack both originally produced in 2001. We hope this new high quality version will be a fresh reminder of the ever present love that our God and Father has for His kids! Feel free to download this video and share it with your friends...

Free Download - File size: 39 MB; File format: mp4
Right click here to download the Father's Love Letter video to your computer

*Note: If you want to transfer this video to your mobile device, you may have to download it to a computer first before you make the transfer.

Watch This New Version of the Father's Love Letter!
This new version of the Father's Love Letter was just released and features some of the volunteers from the Salvation Army women's outreach program in Edmonton, Alberta. For more information on the incredible work they are doing, visit their website at

My Dad Is The Best Dad In The Universe!

When children are little, they are happy to boast about their dads... how big they are... how strong they are... I remember my kids boasted about me that way when they were small. This is my best attempt to boast in the same way about my heavenly Father. Each line in this 12 minute video was inspired by a Bible passage. I hope that this video expresses in some small way that my Dad is the best Dad in the universe! To read the text for this video, go to

Free Download - File size: 73 MB; File format: .mp4
Right click here to download 'The Best Dad' video to your computer

The Lord's Prayer

In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus taught us to pray a daily prayer to our heavenly Father. This 60 second video is that prayer recorded by Barry Adams using the KJV Bible. We hope this short video encourages you and inspires you to cry out to your Abba Father every day!

Free Download - File size: 11 MB; File format: .mp4
Right click here to download 'The Lord's Prayer' video to your computer

The Everlasting Story

When I first heard the song "Tell Me The One" recorded by my friends Robert & Bethany Critchley, something inside of me was stirred and I simply wanted to tell the story in a short accompanying video. Without a big Hollywood budget, I was left with the dilemma of how to tell the greatest story ever told with just me and my trusty laptop.

Since Jesus tells us that the Kingdom belongs to little children, I thought it would be most appropriate to illustrate this story just like a little child would. So hence we have... The Everlasting Story. My prayer is that it will capture the imagination and hearts of every person who has ever dreamed of damsels in distress and knights in shining armor and bring a revelation of the love that Jesus has for His bride.

The song is available on iTunes.

 The Father Of Lights
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. Jesus told us that He came that we may have life and have it abundantly. This 2 minute video contrasts the lies spoken by the father of lies to the truth spoken by the Father of Lights.

Father's Love Letter
Father's Love Letter was first presented as a sermon illustration in January 1999 to express God's Father-heart for the world. It has been experienced by millions of people and is available in 100+ language translations. There are 4 different versions of the Father's Love Letter that are available to be viewed on this site as well as a number of other videos that will encourage you in your own journey home to love.

Watch These Videos
Father's Love Letter Narration Video - 6 minutes in length
Father's Love Letter Extended Narration Video
- 10 minutes in length
Father's Love Letter Instrumental Video
- 10 minutes in length
Father Loves You - Music video - 6 minutes in length
The Story Behind Father's Love Letter - 8.5 minutes in length
My True Father Prayer - 7 minutes
The Journey Home To Love Video - 30 minutes

365 Promises
Father Heart Communications created a paraphrased Bible for each day of the year written in the form of a personal promise from God to you. Each one of these individual promises can be viewed at 365 Promises is collection of 18 promise videos (each 6-8 minutes in length) categorized by month and themes for you to enjoy. We hope this message of hope will encourage and inspire you to know that God really loves you and He always keeps His promises!

Watch Promise Videos By Month

January Promises - February Promises - March Promises - April Promises
May Promises - June Promises - July Promises - August Promises
September Promises - October Promises - November Promises - December Promises

Watch Promise Video By Themes
The Hope Of Eternal Life - 40 Promises of our eternal home
The Father Of Compassion - 40 Promises of God's comfort
An Ever Present Help - 40 Promises of God's desire to help us
From The Father's Heart - 40 Promises telling of the Father's heart
More Than Conquerors - 40 Promises of our victory in Jesus Christ
Our Amazing God - 40 Promises on the majesty & character of God