Barry Adams is available to speak to churches and small groups around the world via one on one Skype live video broadcasts. He will gladly work around your regularly scheduled meetings in your own time zone to teach, answer questions and corporately pray for participants in the meetings.

He has used this free live video broadcasting technology to speak to groups in North America, Europe and as far away as New Zealand directly from his home office in Canada. Some people have even commented that they have felt as if Barry was actually the room speaking to them.

Teaching/Discussion Topics
Barry's primary passion is to share the life-changing message of the Father's love especially via the Internet.  He has a number of topics that he regularly speaks on that can be covered in a series of meetings where necessary. In this live interactive format, Barry is able to answer questions and even corporately pray for participants.

What Are The Costs?
The wonderful thing about the Internet is that there are none of the added costs associated with traditional traveling so Barry is able to speak to your small group or church without any charge. However, those who would like to support the continued work of Father Heart Communications can make an online free willing offering through our Paypal/credit card donate page

Our Vision
We believe that emerging Internet technologies now provide a way for ministers of the gospel to travel around the world through the simple click of a mouse in a way similar to how Philip was transported in the Book of Acts to the Ethiopian Eunuch. Our heart is to share the message of the Father's love all over the world using the Internet as the "Roman's Road" platform of today to get the message out.

Just imagine being able to speak in India, Africa and South America all on the same day! We have seen God do this through the worldwide distribution of the Father's Love Letter and we believe that it is His heart to see many people's lives changed through live webcasts in a similar way.

How To Prepare For A Skype Broadcast
It is easier than you think to set up one of these meetings. All you need is a high speed Internet connection, a Skype video account, a computer with a webcam, a large monitor (or video projector) connected to your computer and a set of speakers. It is that simple!

Just point the webcam so that the speaker can see the group, make sure that the microphone on your computer is turned on so that Barry can hear the group... and then start your meeting. (This photo is of Barry Adams speaking live to a small group in Abingdon, England).

Interested? Contact Us
If you would like more information on these live Skype webcasts, or if you want to contact us, please send us a message from our Contact Us page. If you would like to read a few testimonies from one live Skype meeting in Texas, read below...

Skype Testimonies
Below is a testimonial that we received after holding a live Skype video meeting on the Internet with a church in Stafford, Texas.

I want to thank you, on behalf of our Soaking group, for joining us via webcast. Each of us was moved in very personal ways as a result of your ministry. Many told me how appreciative they were of your very personal delivery and we all felt like you were physically there in the room with us. It was so neat to be able to see you and you could see us.

We were pleasantly surprised that you remained with us the entire two hours, which I might add, passed so quickly that it seemed to have been only an hour! Your teaching on “Resting” was a “now” word for our church, as well as for many of us personally.

One lady told of how she had received deliverance from a fear that had haunted her for years during the time you were with us. Another told of confirmation that she indeed needed to rest. Several commented how wonderful it was to have you pray over us while we were soaking (I was one of them!). One told of feeling the love of the Father more than before. Others talked of needing to lean on the Father more. But it was unanimous that it was the best soaking time we had experienced since we began three months ago!

Here is another testimony that we received...
"The only thing I didn't like about the meeting with Barry Adams is that it ended. It was a wonderful presence of the Lord doing deep healing.

I was really stuck for months in a false mindset of "I'm not safe, must escape..." (fruit of an abusive childhood) It caused continual stiffness in my upper back & my neck was going "out of place" . I was going for therapy & adjustments twice a week. I knew the mindset was causing the trouble & had done all the right things, truth scriptures, counseling...I was down to just trusting & waiting. (One of the things He said) I seemed like every word Barry said was an arrow to the right target - the deep places that still needed the love of the Father. It was exactly what my striving, anxious heart needed to hear & my neck pain & tension was healed. If you remember the phrase stated "It's like the steam coming out of a pressure cooker", that was me & the tension releasing.

It would be my dream if Mr. Adams would do the meetings with us once a month!!! I will not forget this meeting!!! My friend Susan said she was in the glory for many days after that meeting and that it brought her heart healing as well."

Thanks, Barry! We want to do this again!

Mary Jane Boyd and Marcia Bauggue
Soaking Leaders
Sweetwater Christian Fellowship
Stafford, TX