Every week on Wednesday at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time (8 pm UK time), John MacDonald, Mark Gyde and Barry Adams get together with a bunch of like hearts from around the world to explore the amazing, unconditional, eternal love of our Heavenly Father.

Everyone is invited to join us for this free, one hour webcast each week but for those who can't, we now record the teaching portion of the webcast on video. Enjoy and please share with others!

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2018 Video Webcasts

Wed Jan 10, 2018 - God has always been Father
Mark talks about God's eternal Fatherheart and how His love is woven throughout the entire Bible just like a beautiful tapestry.


Wed Jan 3, 2018 - New Mercies for a New Year
John, Mark and Barry discuss how we can live in a place where we can tangibly experience the love of God every day.

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