Everyone is invited to join our free webcasts
with Mark Gyde
and Barry Adams
every Wednesday at 3 pm EST (8 pm UK time)

The Format:
These live webcasts are similar format to radio talk shows where people call in questions/comments but this technology is using the Internet and live video streaming to do the same thing.

Mark Gyde and Barry Adams serve as the hosts for these live webcasts with a variety of discussion topics. From time to time, special guests from around the world will join in these broadcasts to share and pray for participants.

There is a special video chatroom set up for these broadcasts where you are able to see and hear the speakers who are able to respond in real time with questions and comments via live chat.  You can also send email questions in advance of the webcast to fatherheart.tv@gmail.com

How To Access This Video Broadcast:
Just click on the 'click here' link from the main page of this website at the scheduled times to access a live video stream. The chatroom will normally be open 15 minutes prior to the alloted start time. Please join us for these events and tell your friends about them too!